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Round Cube is an exclusive premium class outdoor sauna series designed and developed by Saunasell – one of the greatest sauna manufacturers in Estonia with more than 15 years of production experience.

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Step into the future of outdoor luxury - where every moment becomes a cherished memory.

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In manufacturing remarkable products, we firmly believe that greatness starts with the materials we choose. 

Thermowood is environmentally friendly and has many practical advantages. During the heat treatment process, all the resins and other chemicals are removed from the wood, leaving it completely non-toxic. The heat treatment process also stabilizes the wood, meaning that there is no risk of twisting or splitting in future. When you use Thermowood, you are buying a green product that does not harm the environment.


HUUM is one of the biggest design heater manufacturers in the world. Their products meet high standards and have been recognized with the international product design award RedDot. The experience of using HUUM sauna heaters and controllers goes beyond just the present moment, as they are built in Estonia with a deep respect for the local sauna traditions passed down through generations. HUUM aims to create durable and beautifully designed sauna heaters that provide a gentle and healthy steam experience for years.

In the world of saunas, glass solutions are the architects of light, airiness, and exquisite design. Through meticulous thermal or chemical treatments, tempered glass arises as a distinct form of safety glass, showcasing a strength that exceeds that of conventional glass. Its compressive exterior and tensile interior grant resilience ideal for outdoor saunas, where shifting temperatures and humidity prevail.

Premium shingle roof: the ultimate choice for a stylish sauna. It combines beauty, durability, and purpose seamlessly. This premium roof extends the sauna’s lifespan, protecting it from all kinds of weather.

We’ve teamed up with the brilliant minds at Huum, one of the biggest heater manufactures in the world, to achieve a perfect harmony between delightful warmth and efficient air circulation with minor changes in the steam room. An absolute key to the supreme sauna experience lies in the finest ventilation.

The enjoyment of a perfect sauna experience and the effective functioning of ventilation are closely tied to the height of the sauna bench. The 3-level bench has been developed to ensure the best balance between steam and air circulation. 

Good lighting is key for a cozy sauna atmosphere. In the Round Cube sauna, we use long-lasting LED strips behind the benches and backrests to make sure you have a relaxing and enjoyable sauna experience.

In our Round Cube sauna, we’re all about providing the best experience. We use top-notch materials and pay close attention to every detail, from the stylish door handles to the comfy floor rests. All these premium touches come together to make sure you have a high-quality and comfortable sauna experience.

The Round Cube sauna series delivers accessible luxury, ensuring that everyone’s needs are fulfilled.

We have put together a collection of three different models, which are thoughtfully organized according to room solutions and dimensions. Our diverse selection ensures that you find the best option for you, offering a variety of options to explore.

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Round Cube is design-protected by European Union Intellectual Property Office, which makes it one of the most unique saunas in Europe.

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